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Past Congresses

After the completion of its establishment phase, our association has carried out intensive studies on its subject both nationally and internationally. By organizing congresses and symposiums, it has paved the way for national and international figures to meet and participate in scientific and social activities. In the first years of its establishment, before organizing international congresses, the association pioneered the panels organized by Gazi, Hacettepe and Ankara Universities, since its headquarters was in Ankara. Our association organized 21 international congresses and 9 national symposiums in the following years.

These congresses and symposiums;
1st Congress 1988 PTT Gn. Directorate of Educational Facilities L ara/Antalya (International)
2nd Congress 1990 Alanya Serapsu Hotel (International)
3rd Congress 1992 Kemer Clup Alda (International)
4th Congress 1994 Kemer Clup Alda (International)
5th Congress 1996 Alanya Serapsu Hotel (International)
6th Congress 1998 In partnership with GATA, Altis Golf Resort Hotel (International)
7th Congress 1999 Ceylan Intercontinental (International)
8th Congress 2000 Arcadia Hotel (International)
9th Congress Kiriş World (Bi-National) in partnership with Israel OMFS Association
10th Congress 2002 Atlantis Hotel (International)
11th Congress 2003 Kemer Resort Hotel (International)
12th Congress 2004 Istanbul Military Museum (International)
13th Congress 2005 Topkapı Palace Belek / Antalya (International)
14th Congress 2007 Maritim Pine Beach Hotel Antalya / Belek (International)
15th Congress 2008 Queen Elisabeth Hotel Antalya/ Beldibi (International)
16th Congress 2009 Perissia Hotel Nevşehir/ Ürgüp (International)
17th Congress 2010 and 1st Turkish-Greek-Israeli Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Joint Congress (HITAOMS) Istanbul (International)
18th Congress 2011 Antalya/ Beldibi (International)
19th Congress 2012 and 2nd Turkish-Greek-Israeli Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Joint Congress (HITAOMS) Kos Island/ Greece (International)
20th Congress 2013 Antalya Kervansaray Hotel (International)
21st Congress 2014 Hilton Hotel Bodrum (International)
22nd Congress 2015 Muğla /Rixos Premium Bodrum (International)
23rd Congress 2016 Muğla /Xanadu Island Bodrum (International)
24th Congress 2017 Muğla /Xanadu Island Bodrum (International)
25th Congress 2018 Kyrenia/Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (International)
26th Congress 2019 Kyrenia/Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (International)
27th Congress 2020 - Online
28th Congress 2021 Antalya / Gloria Golf Hotel (International)
29th Congress 2021 Antalya / Gloria Golf Hotel (International)
In addition, the association organized a total of 13 scientific symposiums, two in Izmir, three in Ankara, and two in Istanbul, Akçakoca, Sivas, Isparta, Erzurum, Adana and Trabzon.

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